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  Prudent Healthcare  

a monthly model portfolio service in partnership with Seeking Alpha

A Model-Driven Systematic Investing Healthcare Portfolio
That Combines...


Our system sifts through healthcare companies, analyzing them on a variety of criteria. The focus is on stocks that can potentially deliver strong gains. Such a pursuit of returns also increases volatility. After various iterations, we arrive at a ranked list of stocks that are then used to construct the model portfolio. Discipline is important in pursuing an investing system, and we follow the system rules diligently.


Wealth-building requires Patience. A system needs time to work and deliver results. Patience is required when following any investment strategy or system that you have confidence in. We judge our system over the long-term (3+ years) and not fixate on short-term monthly performance. Just as a plant takes time to grow into a tree, so does a portfolio as it compounds and grows its gains over the years.


Through a combination of Prudence and Patience, the system is able to achieve consistency of Performance. Healthcare is a sector of high promise and high volatility. The disciplined approach allows the portfolio to be positioned in some of the strongest names. Even though there are ups-and-downs, the system has historically delivered strong performance well in-excess of benchmark returns.  

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Using Quantitative Investing
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Repeatable With Discipline & Patience

Prudent Healthcare Performance

What Does A Member Receive?

The monthly model portfolio service combines quantitative analysis and a systematic investing approach to healthcare investing. It is particularly
appropriate for millennial and DIY investors who wish to direct their
portfolio, but are unable to engage in the time-consuming research 
and constant follow-up. The service is not a good fit for day traders.

Prudent Healthcare ~ Know When To Invest

A Complete quantitative healthcare model  portfolio

Know when to GO and when to WAIT. You don't have to fly blind or invest through guesswork. The investing methodology uses a rules-based, systematic investing approach to develop a healthcare model portfolio. Know when the portfolio is fully, partly, or not invested. ~ Membership

Monthly Edition of Prudent Healthcare portfolio and any intramonth updates

Members receive instant access to the Prudent Healthcare monthly edition and intramonth updates. The model portfolio of up to 10-positions is laid out clearly. The edition is published near the start of the month. No need to track ideas daily or even weekly. ~ Attractive performance over time

A historical track record of consistent outperformance

The healthcare sector is highly volatile and news-driven. But it also presents many promising opportunities. Through patience, discipline, and a quantitative approach, the model portfolio builds  performance and has historically exceeded benchmark returns markedly.  

A monthly portfolio spreadsheet with the current portfolio and performance record is also provided

Seeking Alpha

The Prudent Healthcare model portfolio service is offered in partnership 
with Seeking Alpha, the largest crowd-sourced financial content
service in the US. Seeking Alpha manages the service while
the model portfolio is developed by us relying on our
systematic and quantitative investing methodology. ~ Trial Period

Trial Period

Seeking Alpha offers a risk-free, 2-week trial period. You may cancel for a full refund if you find the service is not an appropriate fit to your investment objective.


Discounted price of $346
(20% less) for first time subscribers. Annual plan is one-third cheaper than the monthly plan. 


The service is available on the Seeking Alpha (SA) website. Use the SA login to access the Members Area for the monthly edition and any intramonth updates. Editions for last 3 month are available.

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